Create your own Library in your Home. Hassle-free and Budget-Friendly tips!

There’s a phenomenon peculiar to most book lovers across the world. We just cannot enter a bookstore and leave empty-handed. It does not matter that there is already a mile-high pile of unread books back home. This habit of buying and then not reading books is so rampant that the Japanese even have a word for it – tsundoku! So, with every casual visit to the local book fair or airport bookstore, there’s a new addition to your library.

Only, can you really call it a library if the books are strewn all over the floor? Or tucked away under a bed or in a carton? We’re not so sure. What we do know, however, is that creating a mini-library of your own is not at all difficult. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.



The first step to creating your dream library is deciding where you will place your bookshelf. Before you build or buy a bookshelf, go over your home with a tape measure and take stock of your spaces. Needless to state, also run an eye over your books to see how much shelf space you’re going to require (fair warning, this can take longer than you think, since you might just end up sitting down to reacquaint yourself with an old favorite).



If you’re short of space or just want a cozy little reading nook, a corner bookshelf is a great bet. But if you’re one of those lucky few with a lot of room at their disposal, opt for a full-length or full wall option to show off your beauties.

Ideally, you should position your shelf such that it doesn’t get in the way of people. After all, you don’t want someone waving a careless hand and knocking down your books!


Functionality is important:

We love big books, and we cannot lie. The problem with them, though, is that they have a way of making shelves groan under their weight. So when choosing a bookshelf, be aware of its load-bearing capacity. Heavy books are safer in sturdy, floor-standing bookshelves, while smaller collections are best placed in wall-mounted bookshelves. Of course, if you tend to relocate often, ditch anything needs to be affixed to a wall.



Chosen smartly, bookshelves can also help divide spaces. In a home where the living room flows into the dining room, a bookshelf that is open on both sides can serve as an unconventional room divider.


Material is important:

Since a bookshelf is a long-term investment, it makes sense to choose one that is durable and weather-friendly. Solid bookshelves are a classic for a reason. The last close to forever, and lend a timeless air to your space.



For a more pocket-friendly alternative, opt for shelves made from high-quality particle board or MDF. Metal shelves in bright colors can also look super chic and contemporary. Pick one that suits your budget and meshes well with the overall decor of your space.


Plan and Create:

Next, think of what you’d like to display. Are there books you’d like to show off? Or books you don’t want “borrowers” (pfft!) noticing? Would you like your books to share their home with picture frames and travel souvenirs? Depending on your answers, choose between bookshelves with open storage, closed storage, or both.



Finally, make it your bookshelf. Remember, just because it’s called a bookshelf, doesn’t mean it can hold just books. Display books of different sizes, add a potted plant or two and spice it up with knick-knacks that mean something to you.

With these pointers in mind, you’re all set to shop your entire Goodreads list. As always, don’t forget to share pictures of your reading nooks and libraries with us. Because nothing makes us smile quite like a set of books sitting pretty in a beautiful bookshelf.


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How to make a perfect Home Office? Tips and Ideas

Working from home brings all manner of potential problems – but also opportunities. While many people who are put in this position for the first time may worry about being too distracted by the close proximity of their own fridge to be able to work, others relish the chance to have a space that they can truly make their own.


Here are three great tips for setting up an effective home office that you may not have considered.




A lot of fuss has been made about fiber optic broadband, and rightly so. It’s now available to more than 80% of UK premises, and you really can’t choose a better option for home working, given its combination of speed and affordability.


Just make sure you opt for an unlimited data package when you are seeking to have fiber optic broadband installed for work purposes so that you are not faced with any additional costs or service restrictions due to overuse.


Yes, we know it can be a horrendously dull thing to have to do. However, when you’re in the market for wooden computer desks and other home office furniture and contemplating such features as drawer and cupboard space, you won’t want to spend too much or too little, due to having overestimated or underestimated your true needs.


However, we do realize that it isn’t always easy to predict in advance whether you will need a certain amount of space or functionality in your chosen office furniture. That’s why you may also keep an open mind as to which files can be stored away in other parts of the house or made ‘paperless’, existing only in your emails, on your laptop or on a cloud drive.



Of course, you might not be able to expose all of your office documents and binders to the wind and rain. However, by transforming your conservatory, garden room or shed into a home office, you could achieve that sense of separation from the rest of your home that could be so vital to enabling you to concentrate on your work.


A lot of us feel healthier and more inspired when we are close to nature in some way. Don’t forget that if the above isn’t possible, you could achieve a similar effect by setting up an indoor herb garden on your desk or even putting up an artwork depicting a natural landscape.


As you can see, the task of creating the ideal home office is often about much more than wooden computer desks – although the right furniture is also unquestionably crucial to achieving the right mix of ingredients. Which brings us to our next point of the furniture collection.


Meeshan has a diverse and exclusive range of Office Furniture. You can go to our website and check it out and order online, no matter where you are in the country, we deliver it to your doorstep. From Office Chairs to Workspace Collection, we have it all. All the furniture is imported and made of high-end quality. 


What furniture you choose for your home office matters the most. It not only gives your home office a professional look but the people you’ll hire must also feel comfortable and not feel the casual environment of a home. Allow the experts here at Meeshan to guide you through the buying of furniture for your home office, because, not to brag, this is our specialty and our team is pretty good at it as well.

Meeshan Workstation

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Winter is here… and so is the holiday season and new year celebrations. This period of the year can be very hefty for you and as well as your home. From preparing delicious and mouthwatering cuisines for your guests to decorating your home in an appealing way so that it leaves a great ambient mark on visitors.

Not only this but the way you decorate your home should last long enough, as you enter the new year, for you to not change it time and again, because we know how much of a headache that can be. Also, the new year gives you a good chance to refurbish your home because of the new design trends that it brings.

Without any further ado, here is our top collection of new design trends that you can implement in your living space as we enter 2019!


    Say goodbye to all-white Kitchens

All-white kitchens are a thing of the past. The new trend suggests us that the white concept kitchens are going to be replaced by more warm toned colors and neutrals like grey, blue and cream. The wooden textured storages is also a good alternative for cabinets and shelving.

The stainless steel and white sinks can be substituted with granite or copper ones. This not only creates an appealing atmosphere but is also a better choice in terms of durability and functionality.

As mentioned earlier, the warm and neutral colors are taking over which also enhances the flooring options. Flooring design trends in 2019, according to various leading furniture websites and magazines, include trademark floor tiles and the rustic charm of the reclaimed wood look.


    Metal Accents

Accent furniture is always the one that stands out among others. To ensure this, color combination and texture play a vital role. Recently, polished nickel has been taking center stage in accent furniture, but the year 2019 seems to be the year of Brass. Brass is expected to make a comeback in the upcoming year because of in-style bolder design changes. Along with brass, you can expect to see rose gold, and copper accents becoming increasingly popular as well.



We know how important storage is for every home. From wardrobes to shelving, everything lies in this category. This is why it is also worth spending time and money on so that you can get rid of your storage problems and at the same time make your home look glamorous. 2019 brings with it new storage design trends. According to Furniture In Fashion and Country Living Magazine, open shelves will be a huge hit in the upcoming year. But if you are not a fan of open shelves, then heavy cabinetry in warm or neutral color finishes, like deep greys, blues, and wood grain, would be a perfect choice for you, which will fulfill all your purposes and keep your decor oriented with modern trend designs. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for function!


    No more dark colors – Be bold!

Traditional, dark and rich colors are expected to fall out of favor this year. Almost every article or blog relating to new trend designs has made some reference to this move. Dark colors are replaced by bold choices of colors like deep blues and purples, red and sage. The inspiration comes from minimalist design and soothing colors that give a sense of artisanal crafting and indigenous patterns. The Pantone ‘Color of the Year’ of 2019 is also a bold one – called “Living Coral” which gives a clear picture of the color trends of the upcoming year.


    Statement ceilings, not walls

So long accent walls! Painting your room’s walls with rich colors is out in the year 2019. Instead, your ceilings will be the focal point of the room. You can create your statement ceiling with textured wallpapers or by painting them with a bold choice of colors. Although, for walls, abstract pattern with floral designs and textured wallpaper like old-school millwork and wainscoting will be expected to make an appearance.


Design trends can be great and overwhelming at the same time, and they also come at a price. If your New Year Resolution is to renovate and refresh your home, then go for it. But, always remember, how you decorate your home – whether with new furniture or paint coatings, should be a reflection of your life and what you love, despite what’s in or what’s out, because at the end of day, trends will come and go, but your home and passion is there to stay!

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How to make your living space warm and cozy this winter

Winter brings with it a lot of joys and happiness – whether in form of festivities, holidays or snow. At the same time, it can be harsh as well, as it covers the landscapes with its frosty and rigid weather. All in all, there are perks and disadvantages that come with this season. But what about your home? Does it need any extra attention from you in this season? How can you really transform your home so that it gives you a cozy sensation in this cold season?

“Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration”

Well, here are some tips and tricks for you transform your home to spend a warm and cozy winter.


Natural Light

The amount of natural light filtering into your living room can’t be understated when it comes to how inviting your living room is. Dark living rooms are uninviting and can feel depressing and small. A cozy living room is not a living room that feels small. If you can, keep your windows as uncovered as possible to let natural light in.


Additionally, you can use the magic of fireplaces as well. Whether real or fake – fireplaces are a great way to make any living space warm and cozy. Besides, acting as a great heating system, a fireplace can also be a visual enhancer. Consider a natural stone fireplace or a sleek modern design one, both can be visually pleasing depending on the style of your home and the intentions of your decor and design.


Right and Stylish Furniture

Whether you want to admit it or not, but adjusting and bringing in the right furniture to your home this season can do wonders to make your space comfortable and cozy at the same time. A soft, plush ottoman is a perfect way to make your living room feel cozy and warm. They’re great to rest your feet on, and with the addition of a tray, can serve perfectly as a coffee table as well. Ottomans are also available with storage so you can keep your valuable belongings near you.


Other than that, you can use stylish console tables as well. Console tables are an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. Whether pushed up against a wall or against a sofa, these can act as easy barriers to separate different areas of an open-concept living area or to separate seating arrangements. They provide a great visually befitting appeal to your home.

Throw in Blankets and Rugs

The most effective and conventional way to make any living space tidy, warm and cozy is to use plenty of blankets in bedrooms or even living lounges. This provides ease and comfort to people to rest and relax anywhere they like, rather than looking for seating space in warmer parts of the home like near fireplaces. After all, who doesn’t love having a blanket on hand to curl up with when it gets a little chilly?


Similarly, rugs can be really beneficial, particularly in this part of the year. Tile or wooden floors are popular in contemporary and modern design, but you can’t beat an area rug to warm up a cool floor. If you want to add texture, go for a plusher rug. For color or visual interest, go with a patterned rug.



Experiment with different looks

Trends are only there to follow. If you do not like them then it is not necessary to follow them. You can create your own trend for your home because who knows your home better than you? For this, you need to experiment with different styles to achieve an ideal look for your home. Some of these are:


~ Create Seating Groups

If your large living room just doesn’t seem to host many guests, you might decide to make it feel cozier by adding more intimate seating arrangements. At parties, guests tend to break down into smaller groups.
In lengthy living rooms, create more intimate seating groups with chairs and love seats. You won’t notice how large the room is if you aren’t looking at all the empty seating!


~ Books never go out of Style!

There’s something comforting about books. Bookshelves take up a large amount of wall space, so they’re easy to add to a living room where the furniture is pushed away from the walls.

For owners with a smaller collection, arranging like items together with knick-knacks and accent pieces is a great way to fill the vertical space.


~ Lamps to light up your home

For the evening hours, there’s nothing better than a lamp to add an inviting warm glow to your living room space. When it’s time to close the shades so that your neighbors can’t see into your home, lamps keep your space well-lit.


Use cozy color schemes

The impact of color schemes is huge for any living space. Using warmer and neutral colors scheme can enhance the visual appeal drastically. When it comes to using different color schemes, the main focus is not only on the painting of walls but also, the color pattern of curtains and your furniture as well. Mixing bright and warmer colors can add an aesthetic sensation in your home. It will make your home more inviting and impressive regarding interior designing.



So, these are all sorts of ideas to create a more warm and welcoming home during even the nastiest winter seasons. Make sure to embrace this season and enjoy the perks it brings with it!


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