Make your Farmhouse truly a house of your dreams… Here’s How!

We live in the era of capitalism where the poor are stranded by the road and the elite roams in fancy cars. An era, where opportunities are present for those who are hardworking having social standings. Homes, cars, luxury lifestyles are just to name a few. One more thing that is becoming a trend nowadays is the culture of having a farmhouse. We have put yourselves so deeply into our day to day lives that the little things that we enjoyed in our childhood have left us craving.


Farmhouses are usually bigger in sizes to have all the necessary facilities homes cannot provide due to limited space. You might remember wandering into fields of fruits and vegetables in childhood, playing cricket, football and enjoying swimming in canals, etc. other than homes. Farmhouses give us the luxury to grow such things widely and have all the luxuries one wishes for.

Thus, they have to look best. For that, the interior is the most important thing. Let us show you what you should do to bring your farmhouse chicer:




Farmhouses provide you with the luxury to add various touches in different places. Space gives you the autonomy to be inventive. The antique touch would engage any visitor as many people have forgotten their culture. Be it animal skin, wood furniture, old textured sofa cloth and design, and chairs, etc. Be innovative!




People have started having kitchen bar counters in their homes but this style can never beat the look what farmhouses kitchens have. Add interesting stools and hanging lights showcase its beauty.




A farmhouse is empty without having a lavish reading room. Unfortunately, a lot of necessary things takes place in homes that leave minimal space to place books. Fulfill that desire by having a reading room to add diversity and charm to your farmhouse.




Bedrooms are an essential part of the house but when it comes to farmhouses, it has to be super comfortable, luxurious and lavish. Here is what you ought to do to make it look chicer.




Never forget to miss an important chunk of a farmhouse. This is something that normal houses can never offer but farmhouses give us the luxury to have this in them.



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Pet Parent Guide – How to take care of your Home & Pets?

You always find two types of pet parents; the liberals who do not care about kids ruining the sofas and the strict ones who make sure that pets remain on floors. Whichever kind you are, we’re sure you’ll agree that your pets must enjoy their home as much as you do!

Having pets around is always a delightful and enriching experience. But it can also make one mad at times. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you live with pets.


1. Cut off the edges:

Dogs & cats always love to roam and jump around. Get furniture with round edges or corners to avoid your pets getting hurt.



2. The reason behind “FURniture”:

Pets have an annoying tendency of sticking to the fabric. So if vacuuming twice a day isn’t your idea of fun, you may do well to choose leather or leatherette upholstery. Both of these are odor-resistant and non-adhering to fur. We’ve also been told that cats who have an alternative scratching post tend to leave leather well alone – so you can test that out!




3. Camouflage 101:

Look for patterned sofas, if you are in love with fabric ones to avoid visible pet hairs. Another option would be to buy a sofa with removable covers so that maintenance becomes that much easier.


4. Pause to clean them paws:

You need to clean your pet paws first if your pet comes on the bed. It is also better if you stick to easily washable bed linen for your bed.



5. Hair today, still here tomorrow

Pet hair can be found in abundance on rugs as they might not be visible. A light dhurrie might be a wiser choice, though you’ll have to velcro it to the ground to avoid slippage when your furkid zooms around the house.



6. Ready, steady

Remember to keep your floor lamps and decor items away from pets to avoid being knocked off by them. You can also look for ones with more stable leg and bed designs of lamps.



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Looking to buy a Computer Table? Get the best ideas and inspirations here!

If you often spend time using a computer at home, having the right computer desk on which to display and use your machine can be crucial, not least given that this can help to ensure your comfort when you are spending many successive hours typing away.


Here are some tips for choosing the right computer desk.



  • Consider your own priorities


You might already have good ideas for what you would like in a desk. You might be eager to ensure that it is durable and thus capable of withstanding regular, heavy use over a long period of time. A pleasing design could be a big priority for you, too – as could a relatively low price.


Nonetheless, you may later find that as your search for the most suitable computer desk intensifies, some of these priorities are worth dropping, as some features might not be so necessary after all.


  • Measure where you intend the computer desk to go


If you are thinking of a particular space in which to place your desk, measure the dimensions of the space before you start shopping for a desk. If you are inexperienced with measuring in this way, you could sit in a standard chair and record the floor-to-knee distance.


Allow for a further six-to-eight-inch clearance space, and you will have an approximate idea of the necessary leg room and optimal desk height. You could then consider both factors as you examine the dimension data in the product descriptions for different computer desks on our site.



  • Prioritize functionality over style


Here at Meeshan, we are proud to offer computer desks that come in various colors and forms to meet many different aesthetic preferences and practical requirements. For instance, our three-drawer Spencer wooden computer


A desk is a good choice for vintage settings, while we also stock an aluminum-and-glass Hadley computer desk that could fit neatly into the corner of a home office.

However, all the while, you should remember that how your chosen desk functions are always more vital than how it looks. You may, for example, resist opting for a computer desk of an unorthodox layout if you feel that getting used to it would prove too difficult, if not impossible, for you.


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Interior Tips for Contemporary Pakistan Homes.

Ever walked into a room and instantly got a good vibe? A room that’s well put together is no accident. While the contents of any room are unique to each person, at its core, home décor is based on a set of sensible guidelines, if not rules. Here are some of them.

Green Upgrade:

In this era of apartment living, gardens are the stuff of dreams and nostalgia. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring home a splash of green inside your home. Think balcony garden or if not that, then easy-maintenance indoor plants like peace lilies, ferns, and succulents.

You don’t have to restrict plants to your living spaces: add some to the bedroom, study, or even the loo – they do plenty to purify the air. The tall and spiky snake plant is a natural air purifier and it grows to fit the space it has. This makes them the perfect fit for any awkward-to-fill spots. You could also consider making your own terrarium and using it as a centerpiece for your coffee table.



Use negative space:

We have a habit of collecting things – return gifts we can’t find a use for, things bought on impulse, souvenirs collected during travels… That’s perfectly fine, but what’s not okay is the haphazard way in which we choose to display these: stuffed any which way into showcases.

When it comes to beautiful displays, not filling up space is very important.

If you find your display shelf is getting ho-hum looks, intersperse your collectibles with plants, books or even a small-sized lamp. This will break the monotony of a conventional linear arrangement. You could also experiment with color-blocking and themes.



Make Room for alternatives:

Outsized furniture is a thing in most Pakistan homes. That large, plush, faded sofa is probably taking up half the living room, but it’s so comfortable and houses so many lovely memories, you don’t want to let it go.

This is where thinking out of the box will help. Keep that can-never-part-with-it piece as a permanent fixture and plan the rest of the room around it. In the case of the overstuffed sofa that leaves no room for a proper coffee table, consider alternative interior décor ideas. For instance, a set of nested side tables that can be brought out at will.  Ottomans with firm cushions can also double as coffee tables.

Or if there’s a large double bed that leaves little room in the room, add storage drawers underneath to get some extra storage space. You could also replace floor-standing study tables and dressers with wall-mounted ones to make use of.



Balance the elements:

We often find ourselves with dark wood furniture that has been in the family for generations. A great way to infuse them into your current décor is to furnish the rest of the space with upbeat, light colors to diffuse the heaviness. Bright linens, rugs, and upholstery work well for this arrangement. If you have a set of antiques– separate and place them in different rooms.



Prepare for guests.

Visitors tend to catch you off guard because ‘they were in the neighborhood’. Instead of succumbing to mad panic when the doorbell rings, keep things in their place and be prepared for surprise visits. Here are some tips that always work:

  • Have an entryway rack or chest for keys, wallets, bills, and other things you have in your pockets on your way in and out.
  • Invest in furniture with secret storage compartments where you can put away things in a hurry
  • Create a 5-minute tidy up routine and go through it every night before turning in
  • A sofa bed is a great choice for those whose friends stay over often. If you have elders or relatives staying over, have a guest room at the ready – don’t use it as a place to dump the laundry you were too lazy to fold.


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Reinvent your Bedroom Decoration with these Contemporary ideas!

Redecorating can be fun but there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind, especially when it comes to a bedroom. A bedroom is a place where you give some time to relax which is something much needed as it helps us to be ready and start afresh. So, why not make it impeccable? After a long hard day at work, a room which will tranquilize your mind and let you live a little. Let’s work it out together. To purchase a modern bedroom set, you must understand what is included in a bedroom set and how to select one that is “modern.” One that defines varying bands of color, and the beauty of translucence.





Apparently, the décor of your bedroom should match your taste perfectly. Embellish your room with splendid collections. Choosing every furniture for your room separately can be a tedious task, so, instead of making it all humdrum you can choose the entire bedroom collection that will not only save your time but also will make you acquainted of the perfect match of furniture for your bedroom. These large pieces are stunning and bespoke the modern style, the way homeowner desires.




Get the latest styles and trends placed in your bedroom and create a preeminent territory for yourself. Achieved with the use of latest technologies, the new aesthetics resonate with some varied international designs. With the aim of generating an outstanding potential for decoration and design, the wide range of colors encircles a strong visual texture, create dynamic modernity and conjure up warmth and emotion. The perfect comfortable sofas, a cozy designer bed, perfect chairs, chromatic walls – define everything exquisitely and give yourself a chance to have a blissful experience.




You should always get that sense of satisfaction the moment you enter your bedroom, yes, that’s the way it should be. Redecorating your bedroom needs some deep thoughts. Your bedroom must have the colors of your imagination, make the best out of it. Try to picture the look of your bedroom so you will know what kind of furniture will justify it. Few like it all colorful and few want to keep it simple, so, while choosing a décor make sure it is confident in the design and has the essence that will express your personality. Buying the right bedroom set would be fulfilling on your part because this will not only give you a bedroom that is well-designed but also one that is perfectly suitable for your needs.




There is myriad of astonishing bedroom decoration collection available, all you need to do is discover and define your interiors with chromatic touch. Experience a whole new difference with new aesthetics and make it count. Choose from the most iconic collections with pieces that are favorable and help you build new aesthetics, and new functional possibilities for bedroom décor. The furniture trends keep evolving and you should experience the innovative colors and patterns and take a bodacious step! Yes, now is the time.




Our exquisite range of embellished and chromatic bedroom furniture will make you celebrate each day of your life. The very sight of colors makes you feel better, imagine your bedroom with your favorite color and matching furniture, ah! Doesn’t that feel good? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s catch up with the good vibes! What say? A sedate ambiance always cheers up the mood and has a lot of impact on your life and personality. You need to keep experiencing the evolution, new colors, let your mind be inquisitive, keep creating the dynamic modernity, let your mind be inquisitive and never lose the touch with peace and tranquillity. And the best way to do it is in your bedroom as that is one place where you think lucidly. The newness in your bedroom décor will fill it with positivity.




It has been rightly said, “it’s not the quantity but the quality that matters!” Being farsighted is better than regretting it later. Spending on a quality product is always a wise decision. A low-quality product won’t last long and you will have to invest in the same thing again.  That isn’t a wise choice, right? Do it the other way around, buy a quality product and live happily ever after. Sounds good, isn’t that. The perfection of your bedroom, the immaculate furniture will make you rejoice every moment. Choose according to your taste and style, let your curious mind search for the best.


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Does your Furniture Setting play a part in reducing your stress?

What’s causing your stress? Issues at work? Lack of sleep? Social networking? More importantly, how do you deal with it? Do you brew a pot of your favorite coffee? Sink into a cozy chair and read a book? Maybe going for a walk to clear your mind does the trick. Whatever it is that you choose, your physical environment plays a huge role in your well-being. With Meehan, we’ve got some easy home décor ideas to help you de-stress in your everyday life.



Spread those curtains open and let in that natural light. Research shows that natural light boosts vitamin D, and helps people be happier, healthier and calmer.



Scent can be seen as a mood booster. Have fresh plants and flowers around to provide natural aromatherapy, which can make all the difference when you start to feel sluggish.

Embrace Nature



The color blue evokes thoughts of peace, tranquility, and serenity. Known to aid in reducing anxiety, as well as high blood pressure, the color of blue holds great power in your overall well-being.



Whether next to your fluffy, four-legged friend or curled up with a fun fuzzy throw pillow, research suggests that interacting with pleasant textures stimulates the mind and reduces negativity.



Limiting the amount of pattern you bring into your space helps create a calm environment. Too much clutter can be overwhelming, so let’s skip the polka dots and stick to solid colors.


Your home should be a reflection of you, you spend most of your time indoors so why not start there! Design with Meeshan, built for the way you live.


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How to make a perfect Home Office? Tips and Ideas

Working from home brings all manner of potential problems – but also opportunities. While many people who are put in this position for the first time may worry about being too distracted by the close proximity of their own fridge to be able to work, others relish the chance to have a space that they can truly make their own.


Here are three great tips for setting up an effective home office that you may not have considered.




A lot of fuss has been made about fiber optic broadband, and rightly so. It’s now available to more than 80% of UK premises, and you really can’t choose a better option for home working, given its combination of speed and affordability.


Just make sure you opt for an unlimited data package when you are seeking to have fiber optic broadband installed for work purposes so that you are not faced with any additional costs or service restrictions due to overuse.


Yes, we know it can be a horrendously dull thing to have to do. However, when you’re in the market for wooden computer desks and other home office furniture and contemplating such features as drawer and cupboard space, you won’t want to spend too much or too little, due to having overestimated or underestimated your true needs.


However, we do realize that it isn’t always easy to predict in advance whether you will need a certain amount of space or functionality in your chosen office furniture. That’s why you may also keep an open mind as to which files can be stored away in other parts of the house or made ‘paperless’, existing only in your emails, on your laptop or on a cloud drive.



Of course, you might not be able to expose all of your office documents and binders to the wind and rain. However, by transforming your conservatory, garden room or shed into a home office, you could achieve that sense of separation from the rest of your home that could be so vital to enabling you to concentrate on your work.


A lot of us feel healthier and more inspired when we are close to nature in some way. Don’t forget that if the above isn’t possible, you could achieve a similar effect by setting up an indoor herb garden on your desk or even putting up an artwork depicting a natural landscape.


As you can see, the task of creating the ideal home office is often about much more than wooden computer desks – although the right furniture is also unquestionably crucial to achieving the right mix of ingredients. Which brings us to our next point of the furniture collection.


Meeshan has a diverse and exclusive range of Office Furniture. You can go to our website and check it out and order online, no matter where you are in the country, we deliver it to your doorstep. From Office Chairs to Workspace Collection, we have it all. All the furniture is imported and made of high-end quality. 


What furniture you choose for your home office matters the most. It not only gives your home office a professional look but the people you’ll hire must also feel comfortable and not feel the casual environment of a home. Allow the experts here at Meeshan to guide you through the buying of furniture for your home office, because, not to brag, this is our specialty and our team is pretty good at it as well.

Meeshan Workstation

             Meeshan Workstation. Buy Now


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Meeshan’s Exclusive Wooden Furniture Collection

One of the integral decoration items that can make or break the look of your home is the furniture items. The way you design and decorate the interiors speaks volumes about your style and taste. While there are a lot of options available, many of us prefer to buy wooden furniture thanks to their sophisticated look and classy appeal. Whether you prefer to buy furniture online or from a store, the elegance of wooden furniture will instantly attract your attention. In addition to the look, there are a number of advantages that makes wooden furniture ideal for your home. In this blog, we discuss some of the advantages of buying wooden furniture. Read on.



When buying wooden furniture, you can take your pick from hard or soft wood. Pine and cedar fall under the category of softwood. Furniture made of softwood are generally light in color and become dark when exposed to sunlight. If you want to add a rustic feel to your home, go for softwood furniture. However, softwood furniture is prone to scratches and marks. Hardwood furniture is more expensive than softwood. Furniture made of hardwood is generally darker, hardwearing and has a rich appearance. Hardwood furniture is extremely durable and last for a lifetime.


Wooden furniture has its own charm and a unique look, thanks to the grain of the wood. Although wood is cut in the same direction, there are slight differences that give a unique look to the furniture items. The natural lines and patterns of wooden furniture give a unique look to the furniture items. Furniture made of beautifully grained wood such as oak gives a stunning look to the various furniture items.


One of the reasons people prefer wooden furniture is because it is easy to maintain. All you need to do is clean the furniture with a soft cloth to keep dust away. In case there is a stain on the wooden furniture, you may need a cleaning product to remove the stains. If you have wooden furniture with a polished finish, you can opt for natural wax polish in place of silicone sprays.


Wooden furniture is versatile and blends with traditional as well as contemporary décor. Whether you have a rustic, eclectic or modern theme, you can find wooden furniture that will blend with the décor. If you have an eclectic bedroom, for instance, you can mix and match different types of wooden furniture to give your bedroom a stylish and unique look. If you want a tradition dining room, you can go for furniture made of cherrywood. In short, you can choose different types of wooden furniture depending on your taste, budget, and preference.

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, sustainability, strength, flexibility, and eco-friendliness are some of the reasons people love wooden furniture items. However, if you plan to buy wooden furniture online, ensure that you buy from a reliable site such as Meeshan, which is one of the largest online furniture stores in Pakistan, we provide an extensive collection of top quality wooden furniture at pocket-friendly prices.


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Make the most of your small Bedroom with these Furniture Arrangement Tips

Of all the rooms that you might consider “too small”, the bedroom isn’t the worst one to deal with. Despite the obvious storage issue, you don’t need too much extra space here (just hold your dance parties elsewhere). 


Small spaces have their own significance and beauty, provided that you do the decor and furniture arrangement properly. However, the flow of movement and a serene feel are important, so here are some tips and ways to arrange a seriously small bedroom.





The layout of your small home Bedroom can be like this; bed centered under a large window, bedside table on each side with just enough room to squeeze by, and an open wardrobe on the opposite wall. If there’s no door swing to worry about on the wardrobe, you can manage to squeeze in a chest of drawers between, but it might be a tight fit.


In most cases, we’d all like symmetrical bedrooms with easy access to both sides of the bed, if only for easy changing of sheets. This kind of symmetry will also make a bedroom feel more spacious. To make it possible, size down on the bedside table and think height, rather than width, for your storage.




Another option that you can consider is that instead of two, you can use one bedside table. If you’d still like to keep your access on both sides of the bed then you can go for a chest drawer on the other side. This will add a less symmetrical feeling but will provide you ample of space for your entryway and wardrobe doors to swing open at full capacity. 

A matching bedside table and chest of drawers would make this feel more considered.




Sometimes there’s only one viable wall for a bed to sit on, and it’s too short for bedside tables at all. In this case, you can purchase a bed that has a built-in overhead shelf. This not only solves your storage problems but looks pretty good as well. If you add wall mount lights underneath the shelf, with chest drawers and wardrobe tucked in the corner of the room.




Here’s an option for those of you lucky enough to have a dedicated closet, but not much actual bedroom space. Here, in this case, the bed is tucked in a corner under the window, using the window ledge as a bedside table. There’s just enough room alongside it for a pair of chests of drawers and a cool wall sconce as a bedside lamp.




We’ve all seen the clothes-rail-as-headboard idea, but personally, I’m not sure I could sleep with all my clothing hanging over my head. In this smallest bedroom, the bed is hugged by 3 walls, while a clothes rail, hung at high height, sits above a pair of chests of drawers. The only thing this layout “gives up” is the surface area on top of said chests, and I think it’s a good trade.




With minimal floor space, you’ve got to think creatively about storage. You can’t go outwards, but what about up or down? A platform bed with storage below or a high-level hanging rail in lieu of a traditional closet are both options that will eke out a bit more function from your small bedroom.


Similarly, use the space along your walls. A wall-mounted TV instead of one on a unit, a small shelf in lieu of a bedside table, or sconces instead of bulky bedside lamps.




A small bedroom often means at least two sides of the bed are against a wall or at least have minimal space around the perimeter. This can be particularly annoying for changing the bed—especially if you insist on a top sheet and layers of blankets. Make like the Europeans and go for a fitted one plus duvet only; this will shorten the amount of time you’re cursing your small room. Don’t worry, it’ll still be cozy.


Finally, a small bedroom needn’t be a boring one. Working with what you’ve got, think cozy and warm rather than spare and minimal. While you don’t want clutter, a bit of color and texture via pillows and throws, as well as good lighting, can go a long way to making a small space feel special.

Those pesky small living rooms always have us stumbling and second-guessing what we should do to make the most of the floor plan. If you’ve ever struggled with how to arrange your furniture then you now have a hand draft to follow.


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Latest Bedroom Wardrobe Designs and Ideas

There aren’t many more important pieces of furniture in the home than the wardrobe. It’s one of the biggest, as well as one of the most frequently used – so how can you be sure of purchasing the wardrobe that best matches both your aesthetic and practical needs?


There is a lot of material available in the market from which you can choose the closets which are modern in look and have an elegant wardrobe design with ample amount of space. Wardrobes are actually an idea which you can modify in any way. They will make your simple cupboards look more special and elegant. There are several types of wardrobes based on materials and number of doors which you can choose for your bedroom. So, without any further ado, let’s discuss the latest bedroom wardrobe designs.





If you already have a wardrobe, in particular, it is crucial to ask yourself whether a wardrobe is the best purchase for your requirements, or whether you would be better served by a different piece of furniture. If you simply need more storage space, a chest of drawers may be the better choice.


Alternatively, you may go for a wardrobe that also incorporates a couple of drawers, or perhaps a taller wardrobe, or one with a greater amount of shelf or hanging space.






The rule of thumb for choosing the most suitable size of wardrobe is to go for as big as you need, but not so big that you are unable to fit it in your room. The wardrobe’s specific dimensions really matter here – those with small bedrooms, for instance, are advised to consider taller and narrower wardrobes that don’t take up as much floor space as wider-bodied alternatives.




One-door or ‘single’ wardrobes are a perfect example of the kind of wardrobe we mentioned above – they are tall and narrow, making them well-suited to tiny bedrooms where floor space is at a premium.


The most popular wardrobe type, however, is the double wardrobe, which fits a small to the average-sized bedroom and may incorporate any of an infinite range of combinations of drawers, shelving and hanging space.


Three-door, four-door and even mammoth five-door wardrobes are also available, and naturally, suit a variety of more specialized and demanding needs – including for storage space for non-clothing items like towels and linen.




Yes, there might be certain celebrity interior designers who have made a name for themselves for their ‘wacky’ and contrasting designs. However, for most of us, it will be sufficient to ensure that our chosen wardrobe simply coordinates well with whatever is already in our bedroom.


Remember that here at Furniture in Fashion, we stock one of the most impressive selections of wardrobes in the UK, encompassing various designs, sizes, and finishes. Whatever your needs, we’re confident that we will have the wardrobe in stock for you, so why look any further than our renowned online store?




The beauty of the bedroom is not only just due to its designing and architecture; wardrobes give aesthetic beauty to the bedrooms. They give more area for storing huge & small items such as Clothes, Bed Sheets, Curtains, etc. in an organized manner.

Does a perfect wardrobe exist?

If you’re someone who lives by the latest fashions and is constantly checking the page 3 columns to see who is wearing what, then you will know that a well-organized wardrobe is essential to showcase your fashion finds! Your wardrobe should not only look good, but it should offer practical storage spaces as well.


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