So you’re an Instagram fiend, and want to post dreamy pictures of your (near) perfect home. Here is our bag of tricks to get you on the ‘gramming bandwagon, and strike some serious house envy in the hearts of your followers.


Instagram pictures are not your garden-variety selfies. While they are usually taken with smartphone cameras, there is nothing instant about them. ‘Grams are crafty compositions meant to trigger visual aha-moments and envious gasps. Just so you don’t get lost in the sea of users, pick an aesthetic persona. Texture lover, colour connoisseur, minimalist, at-home storyteller, floor fanatic – what’s your obsession?


Natural light is an Instagrammer’s best friend. It heightens colour, highlights textures and adds depth. That said, steer clear of direct, too-bright sunlight (or overhead lamps). The glare can ruin your Instashoot by creating harsh contrasts. Capture your home in subdued light. Bathe interior shots in a soft, ambient glow, shoot post-sunrise, or in the early evening.



Weed out the clutter. Think clean, balanced compositions. Warring patterns and colours create background noise. Less is more, when it comes to setting up the frame. Dress it up with a few thoughtfully selected props or keep it stark. Too much styling will make it look staged.




When it comes to making a refreshing statement, plants are a no-brainer. Garnish home and furniture shots with potted plants and glass jars of fresh flowers for a hit of irresistible green.




Book nerds will love this. Style your shot with casually strewn books and magazines or stack them purposefully. Watch as the space changes from staid to full-of-character.



Mad Angles:

Take photos from a low angle. Crouching or lying flat on the ground will reward you with an interesting and unusual perspective. For a stand-out still life, get on top of a chair to get the big picture. Whatever the angle, hold the camera steady!




Don’t try too hard to be interesting. Find beauty in the accidental and in the everyday – a cosy reading nook, shafts of morning light on your kitchen floor, fresh blooms in your balcony.




Phablets, juicer-mixer-grinders, showers with speakers. We want everything that’s part of our homes to do more. Especially when it comes to furniture. Besides the obvious advantage of cost-effectiveness, multipurpose furniture also saves space and gives you room to get creative. While some pieces are designed to serve a twin purpose, others can be made to work the double shift with a little imagination.

Explore the chest drawers:

Sometimes, all you need is a big drawer to place all the stuff that cannot be discarded at all. Declutter your room and assemble it into a chest drawer. Save space!


Explore sofa beds:

At the top of the double-duty furniture list is the sofabed. An ingenious invention, it’s couch by day, and bed by night (or vice versa). It’s perfect for impromptu sleepovers, visiting cousins, and that one friend who’s had one too many. A life-saving addition to many a tiny apartment, they come in a host of colours and designs. Primarily intended as a footrest when reclining on a couch or armchair, it doubles up as a stool or extra seat, and triples up as an impromptu side table (or coffee table, depending on the size) for a cocktail tray or a plate of snacks.



Explore Multitasking LED Wall cabinets:

Glass-front display cabinets and sideboards allow for some nifty multitasking. Chameleonic bookshelves: Apart from their central purpose of showcasing book collections, bookshelves are mutable creatures. They can be used as display units, media units, and room dividers. Prop a bookshelf vertically against a wall and use it to exhibit your travel souvenirs. Place it horizontally, set your television on top of it, and turn it into a media unit. An open bookshelf, displayed horizontally or vertically, can stand in as an extension of a wall or as a room divider.



Explore our chairs:

The secret lives of chairs and stools: We all know what function they serve, but few of us know their secret lives – as nightstands, plant tables, side tables, and make-shift ladders. Invest in a couple of well-made perch stations and give free rein to your imagination.



Lover of vibrant colours and warm lights. Making art origami and light installations is how things should move forward.

“Tastefully mismatched”–that’s the style. “Teak doesn’t have to go with teak. Or red with red. The play of different elements is what makes a space artsy and beautiful. That’s why my favourite decor style is bohemian.”


Tips to Create a bohemian Look at Home:


Potted plants times infinity

Pepper your space with plants in earthen pots: window sills, table tops, kitchen counters… just about anywhere. And if you own more plants than furniture, you’re doing it right.



Let patterns be your pattern

Don’t be scared of patterns and prints. Zigzag patterns with stripes, bold checks with minimal ones, florals with stripes… mixing patterns with more patterns is totally on point. You can do this with curtains, bed linen, cushion covers or carpets.



Play a game of throws

Whether it’s your divan, couch, bed, or swing, throw on lots of pillows and cushions in bright colours. They need not follow the same design style or material. In fact, the more eclectic they are, the better.



Rug it out

Don’t keep the floor visible, cover it completely with carpets. (not kidding) Rugs add colour and texture to your space, creating a cosy, playful ambience.



Do or DIY

The quickest way to earn boho cred is to DIY. I love papercrafts, and find it meditative. Here’s a flock of origami birds we made recently in the office. It’s super easy and looks beautiful.



Low and behold!

The true spirit of bohemian style is keeping your furniture low. From your couch to your bed. It makes the room look spacious, and with all the cushions, and carpets, it works together to create a cosy haven.



Often underused and overlooked, the console table is a delightfully versatile piece of furniture. The entryway – where this slender, long table is usually propped – is just the tip of the iceberg. It can actually be added to any space in your home, and is endlessly adaptable. Use it to fill up empty space, draw attention, detract and accent. The right console table also combines the best of both worlds – style with utility.


Step 1: Zero in on the location

The type of space available will dictate your choice of table. Tall, low, narrow, shallow – find the type that blends in with the space available. An ultra-slim console table fitted into the wall is a great space-saver. If the room is wide and open, opt for a more sizeable, sturdy table.

Step 2: Figure out the function

Console tables are flexible, multipurpose wonders. Figure out what you want to do with yours. Pack storage space, decorate, act as an accent table or play room divider? Choose accordingly.

Step 3: Match table to room decor

Contemporary, minimalist, colourful or ornate? Console tables come in countless styles, materials (and budgets). Pick one that sets the right visual tone for your home.



Console tables can hold their own in any room. Keep your options open and play around.

Entryway or hallway:

Placed in the foyer, the console table is like an opening statement. Couple it with a mirror to add light and a touch of sophistication. Or use the table as an anchor to display a dramatic piece of art. Functionally speaking, it is an unobtrusive storage spot to dunk your keys and small change, and stow umbrellas below.

Living room

A decorative console table works well here. Dress it up like a side table, and create an interesting visual vignette with curios. Lamps and console tables go hand-in-glove. A well-known trick is to place a lamp on either side of the table for balance and symmetry. Use the space underneath as a bonus display area for bric-a-brac or as a nook for your books.

Dining room

Perched next to the dining table, it functions as a sideboard of sorts. Place food and crockery on it or convert the table into an impromptu bar when you have guests over. Pick out a console table with a shelf or drawers. Add drawer dividers to store serve-ware and cutlery.


Use the console table as a stylish nightstand for your bedside books and reading lamp. Place wicker baskets below, and it becomes an elegant space to store linen. Pair it with a mirror, and it turns into a dresser.

Light up your Home – Best Lamp Decor ideas

Lamps are an excellent way of turning any dark corner into a shiny and ambient part of your home. They not only give out light but create an environment of good vibes that gives out the sensation of serenity and satisfaction. In short and simple words, lamps are what every home needs to turn it into a magical and wonderful space.


There’s so much you do with your lamp decor. Whether you purchase a luxurious, grand lamp from the market or use your old lamp in your room for a trendy DIY project, the ideas are endless. From decorating the shade to changing the base, lamps can get as magnificent as your imaginations. In this article, you will see and learn what and how you can decorate your home with trendy, modern lamps.



  • It all starts at the Top


The shade of the lamp plays a vital role in how the overall ambiance and atmosphere it will create. There are many different types of shades available today along with many DIY methods to transform your existing collection of lamps. From buttons to wallpapers, and fabrics to abstract, you can just about implement any design. Not only this, but you can also choose from various shapes and colors of the shade. Below are some examples:                        




  • The base is just as important


The lamp’s base is what gives it a complete look. It not only holds the lamp still but also makes it stand-out in terms of design and outlook. If you do a simple google search for modern lamps and go to the image section, you will find a lot of trendy and absolute state of the art design and decoration ideas that can immensely enhance the interior of any space. Sadly, they are just as expensive as well. Fortunately for you, we at Meeshan, have an amazing and diverse range of Lamps at very reasonable prices and without any compromise on the quality.




There is no Hard and Fast Rule in Home Decor


Trust your own eye and personal tastes. After all, you have to live with and be pleased with your shade choices. If it works for you, go with it.


Adding a bit of your own pizzazz to your plain, everyday lampshades won’t just perk up your side table but your entire room! Decorating older, worn-out shades or buying a bundle of inexpensive ones at the store can make a fun, creative project for you, your loved ones.


For more visit:



While we love mid century modern Scandinavian design and furniture, we love iteven more when these pieces are paired with vintage furniture finds — both original mid century pieces and more traditional furniture.



Why, you ask? Mixing contemporary furniture with older finds brings a sense of personality, depth, and history to a space. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can pair old and new furniture in a few different areas of the home.


Dining Room:

Even the biggest lovers of mid-century modern design can appreciate the wonderful contrast between a more traditional dining room table and a set of contemporary dining chairs (or vice versa) – especially when materials are mixed, like wood, copper, iron, and concrete. For example, a concrete dining room table pairs beautifully with a range of seating options, from industrial-inspired benches to formal wooden chairs.



Living Room

The living room is an easy place to mix vintage or antique furniture with more contemporary pieces because of the variety of furniture in a typical living room.



If you have heirloom-quality pieces like your parents’ Oriental rug or a handcrafted wooden side table, don’t be afraid to bring it in — you may be surprised by how much you like the texture and age it brings!




As one of the most intimate and special places in the home, we love bringing in family heirlooms that have special meaning, like a few antique chairs from grandma’s house or an older headboard. Other pieces like simple bedside tables and lamps can help keep the feeling current and contemporary (p.s, we could totally see the working just as well here)!




A surefire way to bring personality and a little bit of quirkiness to your home is in the selection of wall art and shelving — not just in the content of the images, but also in the arrangement and choice of frames and shelving type. Don’t be afraid to be a minimalist for some pieces and go frameless, and then contrast it with a rougher, antiqued frame or even some vintage memorabilia!




Whether you’re looking at a small powder room or a grand master bath, the bathroom is another location where old and new can live in beautiful harmony. It’s entirely possible to marry modern and even state-of-the-art fixtures and furnishings with older vintage pieces or even reusing an old dresser or chest as a bathroom vanity. Even clawfoot tubs are making a huge comeback now! 




An office nook is another great place to mix and match styles. See what happens when you pair a mid century desk with a vintage lamp or clock — you may find that you’re more inspired to work when you’re surrounded by good design!



Regardless of where you are in your home, mixing newer pieces of furniture with family heirlooms or vintage items is an essential way to add character to your space to make it your own. Not only that, it’s a great way to merge different styles and aesthetics!


Eid is almost upon us. Soon, gifts will be made, purchased, or recycled from last year’s collection. The confirmed gifters among us will go about spreading sweetness and light. But some of us will face the agony of deciding what gifts to get this time. All the while suspecting that we’ll cave and buy mithai boxes, though we promised ourselves we wouldn’t. Well, this time is going to be different. These gifting options will leave your folks wondering if you have finally turned over a new leaf!


We’re kicking off the list with an obvious (and yet not-so-obvious) idea – a lamp. Not the diya kind, which is pretty useless for most of the year, be it ever so cute. Instead, get your loved ones a table lamp or a floor lamp, something that lights up their life everyday.



Essential oils and aroma diffusers

Essential oils have entered the gifting arena rather recently, but boy, are they popular! This is a gift you can’t go wrong with. Make sure you include a assortment of essential oils, to cater to different nasal sensibilities. Get an aroma diffuser to go with them – you can choose between traditional and electric models.

Laptop tables

Have friends wedded to their work? They’d appreciate a nifty laptop table that they can park their high-end, powerful laptop on. They’d also like a lightning-speed net connection..just saying. And they’d like to be left undisturbed to conquer the world, thank you very much.




Have a friend who prefers books to people? Bibliophiles are in perpetual need of more bookshelves for their books. Nothing would delight them as a bookshelf would. It might even make them look up from their book and bestow an approving smile on you. Go on, you’ll cement a friendship for life.




People appreciate gifts that they can put to use immediately. Which is what makes a decor hamper such a great gifting idea. Think pretty cushions, table runners or quirky wall art. They’re practically readymade parcels of happiness. And since eid spells the advent of summer, carpets and curtains will make for a thoughtful gift, especially for the older people in your family.



Bean bags and lounge chairs

Have friends who are setting up a new place? A lounge chair, a beanbag, or its fancier cousin, the pouffe, would make for a charming housewarming gift. These are a favourite with the young, and the young at heart.



Gift cards

Your last refuge, and quite a respectable one at that. If you have a friend who turns up his/her discerning nose at most gifts, this is your safest bet. It is definitely a cut above stuffing a few thousands in an envelope. You can make this more meaningful by choosing the right gift cards.


Interior Tips for Contemporary Pakistan Homes.

Ever walked into a room and instantly got a good vibe? A room that’s well put together is no accident. While the contents of any room are unique to each person, at its core, home décor is based on a set of sensible guidelines, if not rules. Here are some of them.

Green Upgrade:

In this era of apartment living, gardens are the stuff of dreams and nostalgia. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring home a splash of green inside your home. Think balcony garden or if not that, then easy-maintenance indoor plants like peace lilies, ferns, and succulents.

You don’t have to restrict plants to your living spaces: add some to the bedroom, study, or even the loo – they do plenty to purify the air. The tall and spiky snake plant is a natural air purifier and it grows to fit the space it has. This makes them the perfect fit for any awkward-to-fill spots. You could also consider making your own terrarium and using it as a centrepiece for your coffee table.



Use negative space:

We have a habit of collecting things – return gifts we can’t find a use for, things bought on impulse, souvenirs collected during travels… That’s perfectly fine, but what’s not okay is the haphazard way in which we choose to display these: stuffed any which way into showcases.

When it comes to beautiful displays, not filling up a space is very important.

If you find your display shelf is getting ho-hum looks, intersperse your collectibles with plants, books or even a small-sized lamp. This will break the monotony of a conventional linear arrangement. You could also experiment with colour-blocking and themes.



Make Room for alternatives:

Outsized furniture is a thing in most Pakistan homes. That large, plush, faded sofa is probably taking up half the living room, but it’s so comfortable and houses so many lovely memories, you don’t want to let it go.

This is where thinking out of the box will help. Keep that can-never-part-with-it piece as a permanent fixture and plan the rest of the room around it. In the case of the overstuffed sofa that leaves no room for a proper coffee table, consider alternative interior décor ideas. For instance, a set of nested side tables that can be brought out at will.  Ottomans with firm cushions can also double as coffee tables.

Or if there’s a large double bed that leaves little room in the room, add storage drawers underneath to get some extra storage space. You could also replace floor-standing study tables and dressers with wall-mounted ones to make use of.



Balance the elements:

We often find ourselves with dark wood furniture that has been in the family for generations. A great way to infuse them into your current décor is to furnish the rest of the space with upbeat, light colours to diffuse the heaviness. Bright linens, rugs and upholstery work well for this arrangement. If you have a set of antiques– separate and place them in different rooms.



Prepare for guests.

Visitors tend to catch you off guard because ‘they were in the neighbourhood’. Instead of succumbing to mad panic when the doorbell rings, keep things in their place and be prepared for surprise visits. Here are some tips that always work:

  • Have an entryway racks or chest for keys, wallets, bills, and other things you have in your pockets on your way in and out.
  • Invest in furniture with secret storage compartments where you can put away things in a hurry
  • Create a 5-minute tidy up routine and go through it every night before turning in
  • A sofa bed is a great choice for those whose friends stay over often. If you have elders or relatives staying over, have a guest room at the ready – don’t use it as a place to dump the laundry you were too lazy to fold.



The season is here! The season of lights, fireworks, food, flowers, mithai and last minute freak outs. Don’t worry about the last part, we’re here to help you out. Whether it’s your own wedding or someone close to you, everyone needs some guidance and helpful tips on surviving the wedding season. So if you want a step by step manual on the essentials leading up to the main event, just keep on reading!

Phase 1: Hunting:

It can be easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the wedding days, whether it’s clothes, make up, the photography and what not, making it easy to forget some equally crucial things.

One of them being accessories and furniture for the new room. Everything is a part of one complete equation. So let’s start, first is a new bed, what comes with a bed? Side tables. With side tables? A dresser. With a dresser? Lamps, and of course, to top all this off, a luxurious bed cover to complete the whole look. IT can be quite overwhelming, finding all these articles independent of each other. Color coordinating all of them and what not. A very time consuming process. Don’t fret though, we understand your struggle, and we’re here to help. We happen to have packages for weddings with various accessories and furniture in different styles and looks.

Phase 2: Organising!

Once you have an idea of what you are going for, your make up, outfit, venue etc. It’s crucial to get everything down on paper in order to remember even the tiniest detail. It’s even better if that list is always there in front of you. Whether you prefer maintaining a journal, or our pick, a desk organizer. Not only is it a cute desk accessory, but it allows you to remember and make notes of important little tidbits to remember, and did we mention it’s cute?



Phase 3: Replenish, Rejuvenate and Revive!

With the final weeks leading up to the main event, this is the perfect time to focus on our own self-rejuvenation and refreshing yourself. Here we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how you can unwind and look radiant for your event.

First things first, we’ll show you what you’ll need for a perfect spa day!

Create your sphere

We recommend getting away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of your busy routine and switching your phone on silent to start off. Next:

⦁ Light your favorite scented candle and let the aroma fill up your room. Check out our wide range of candles and diffusers to see what strikes you fancy.



⦁ Detox! Detox! Detox!

If you’re going to detox yourself from the outside, you might as well detox yourself from the inside as well. Follow this easy recipe for a yummy cleansing drink!

⦁ 1 to 2 liters water
⦁ 1 apple, sliced
⦁ Handful of fresh mint leaves
⦁ A pinch of cinnamon
⦁ LOTS of ice!

Add all the ingredients together in a large jug and sip away for better skin and a happy tummy!

⦁ Some goodness for your skin! No spa day can be complete without a little treat for your face! Here we’ll show you how you can make your face glow with all natural ingredients!

⦁ 2 tbsp plain yogurt
⦁ 2 tsp lemon juice

Stir the mixture together till it incorporates properly, then cleanse your face of any make up or any other product you may have on. Apply to face, coating it evenly. Keep on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse off with water. Enjoy your happy skin!

⦁ Lastly, hop into the shower and scrub all those worries away. The key to a healthy mind is a healthy body, so giving your body the very best treatment goes a long way, so take a look at our bath sets to see which one fits your liking. So get your favorite bath set ready and enjoy the rest of your day!



From a home interior perspective, golden has it’s own significance. A house lacks on it’s chic touch if there is no pinch of gold. From burnished to golden, here’s how to embellish with this colour du jour. No colour does old-school glamour like gold. It evokes the razzle dazzle of the thundering twenties, the hushed elegance of bygone eras, and the radiant warmth of the sun. It also adds a whiff of tempting dramatisation to a generally norm-core aesthetic. Subsequent to blurring out of spotlight, gold is now back to being the commended colour of the moment.

Calculated restraint, yes! That’s the key. Remember, No gold, no glory! Used with discretion, shades of gold, brass and copper can give a room that necessary glimmer, turning mundane into luxe, and run-of-the-mill into sophisticated. The trick is to steer off extremes – use over-enthusiastically, and you run the risk of turning your home into a garish Bollywood set from the seventies. Excessively unobtrusive, and you miss the whole point of incorporating this head-turning colour.

  • Less is more

Dress up your walls with gold frames, or hang a gold-accented mirror in your hallway or living room. Choose polished gold tones if your overall decor is contemporary or minimalistic.



  • Wall-to-wall

Pick a dull gold paint for a feature wall in your living space, and watch as all eyes unfailingly turn towards it.



  • Easy Ethnic

An antique lamp or sculpture in the entryway gives a traditional, ceremonial touch. Brass and gold faucets in bathrooms and kitchens add a dash of old-world charm. (Remember to choose a single tone for your fixtures)



Gold is a great team player. It gets along famously with earthy tones, Marsala, blush pink, navy blue, coral and turquoise.  Mixing and matching metallic shades of gold is on point right now. Rose gold accessories, brass accents, all work well together. You can even play with the finishes across your space. Matte in one room, and shiny in another. We love gold-tone flatware for the dining room. It works beautifully to class up everyday dining.