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Tips for a Simple Stress-Free Home

The thought of moving can be both exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time. You’re starting the next chapter in a new home but thinking about going through all of your belongings can feel intimidating. With a bit of planning and organisation, the moving process can be made streamlined and easy.   Choose your […]

7 Rules to Follow for your Home

The one spot where you can let your artistic side of yourself free is your home. Anyway, interior design involves math too, not just art. A couple of general guidelines canst the small glitches aside and transform it into a useful and comfortable haven.   Living Room: Rule #1 According to any good interior designer, a […]

10 Stunning Bedroom Setups

Bedrooms are where our days begin and evenings end. The sanctuary to which we return at the end of a chaotic day. Here are 10 inspiring bedrooms that will make you want to snuggle up right away.    Black, White & Teal Eclectic, yet classy, this bedroom by @budgethomeliving has oodles of charm. The fresh […]


When it comes to creating a space that speaks to your personal style and character you want to consider your color palette. Why consider a traditional white color wave when you can go to the dark side and try a black hue instead? The color black has become quite the color when it comes to […]


It’s mid-March, the air is balmy and the amaranth has started to bloom. The waves of summer have gripped the Indian subcontinent. It is only natural that you’d want to lounge in a chair with a book in hand. But hey, which chair would do justice to a mid-summer daydream? Read on, and you will […]


Do you sigh over pictures of beautifully decorated homes and tell yourself, “Someday, when I move into my own house…”? It isn’t just you. A good part of today’s urban population lives in rented spaces, many of which remain bare and characterless months after being lived in. You’re probably reluctant to invest in beautifying a […]


Now a days, it’s hard to live by where real estate is way too expensive. There is absolutely no need to waste any square inch of your place. Sadly, this is what most post people inadvertently do. To fully utilise every space in every room of your home, you need to think outside of the […]


Console tables are often overlooked and underestimated yet it is an important part of home. The entryway – where this slender, long table is usually propped – is just the tip of the iceberg. It can actually be added to any space in your home, and is endlessly adaptable. Use it to fill up empty […]


Phablets, juicer-mixer-grinders, showers with speakers. We want everything that’s part of our homes to do more. Especially when it comes to furniture. Besides the obvious advantage of cost-effectiveness, multipurpose furniture also saves space and gives you room to get creative. While some pieces are designed to serve a twin purpose, others can be made to […]


So you’re an Instagram fiend, and want to post dreamy pictures of your (near) perfect home. Here is our bag of tricks to get you on the ‘gramming bandwagon, and strike some serious house envy in the hearts of your followers. KNOW YOUR MEDIUM: Instagram pictures are not your garden-variety selfies. While they are usually […]