How to make your Home more welcoming for your guests? Luxury Home Decor Ideas!

In this competitive world, there is a race among people how to convey themselves and their belongings. One must be on his/her toes when it comes to impressions. As we all know that first impressions are the last impressions, let’s ensure you are up to the mark.

You might be awed by the stylistic layout of a hotel, but you would feel no connection to it. But how we do up our homes is very personal, a reflection of our identity and how we see the world. When you visit someone’s house and you see what they have made the lamp in the corner, the cane sofa set, the bright carpet on the floor…you learn something about them. That little print you see in the corner of their cushion cover, that is them, their signature.

These are the following things you should do to make it happen:


Follow a theme:

See the room in your mind before you go online and start researching decor ideas. Don’t do anything just because it’s all the rage now. Choose only designs that you personally like and connect with. At the same time, it should be very minimal and modern.




Play with decor:

Decor items like small lamps, cushion covers, draperies, or even table linen are typically low investment. Yet, they can make a real difference to the way your home looks. Along these lines, at whatever point you feel the house has a similar old look, change your stylistic theme. It will transform your space and add a bright pop of color to an otherwise muted space. So, use the power of decor!




Choose your lighting:

You may have done up space beautifully, but if you light it up to the wrong way, the entire effect will be spoilt. The right lighting can create a positive ambiance and energize you while the wrong one can work the opposite way.

When buying lamps, make sure you look at not just how the lamps throw their light, but also at the form and finish of the lamps themselves. A metallic finish lamp in gold or copper would look completely out of place in an austere, European setting.



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