With time passing by, the situation has made us so hardcore that we have become regressive rather than progressive. We “Pakistani’s” are so unsure of ourselves if we really want changes in any kind of systems that we are a part of.

The uncertainty in our decisions has led us to move towards something that should have never been our first priority to solve problems. Among things that are quintessentially desi, things that make you state proudly ‘We are just like that’, is the idea of “JUGAAD”. The art of making something out of close to nothing. As a nation, we are intrigued by jugaad. There is something about that appeals to a collective thrifty mind we have ancestrally acquired. Jugaad has been our superpower so why not use that in our homes?

As urban spaces get perpetually crunched and exorbitant, a great deal of us don’t exactly finish up with the places of our dreams. But, there is nothing that can’t be fixed! Learn how to glitz up you’re less than perfect home and make it like the interior design magazines portray:


One of the ideal approaches to up the intrigue of your place is to let in a lot of natural light. Be that as it may, for numerous reasons, your house might have a depressing look seeing no light to sneaking in. How would you endure the gloom? Creative indoor lighting is the solution to your problem.




 What’s most important is to add well placed plants in your lifeless room. Most of you had an apprehensive reasoning of bringing an outdoor thing indoor. Succulents, ferns, lilies or other greeneries can survive indoor. The splash of green would not only give you bonus oxygen in the room but will rev up the room when placed in colorful pots.



Or maybe your niggle is that your room feels a little too depressing? What you need is a display case. Place travel books, souvenirs, books, photos frames or anything else that tells people who you are.



All furniture experiences a twilight zone. If your furniture is not old enough to dispose of yet, yet unacceptable as a result of faded upholstery, scratched surfaces, then you must not fuss. Be smart about it. Draw attention away from old furniture by adding a carpet/rugs to the floor or the dividers.




Living in a modest house does not mean you need to leave yourself to its cramped looks. You can do wonders with little spaces. Our speediest hack to make a little room look bigger- mirrors. A big, free-standing mirror placed against the wall can give your room a refreshing sense of space.



Another way to accomplish a roomier impact is to paint the walls white and include sheer drapes in a similar shade. What’s more, above all, is to not stuff it too much. Void space makes for an extraordinary highlight to your room, giving it a lighter look.